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Mammoth Commissions new Datacentre in 2015
By Adam Williams on Jan 08, 2015
Yesterday, to kick off the year with some clear goals, Mammoth has commissioned the building of a new datacenter for our Mammoth Networks product. Check out the article for details and also a new name for the product!

The Size of Things - An OVERSIZED Design Trend
By Damian Joyce on Oct 30, 2014
Big pop out navigations (sometimes full screen), big forms, big blocky titles, paragraphs and big, bold blocks of space is the current Design Trend going around for end of 2014.

Mammoth Launch Party #MammothV3
By on Sep 17, 2014
On the 10th of September Mammoth Version 3.0 release was celebrated with clients, staff, family and friends. Read more about the #MammothV3 launch party in our blog post.

Mammoth Digital Internship
By on Sep 10, 2014
Mammoth is a young, vibrant and experienced full service digital agency. We are looking for a motivated intern that is currently studying and wants to experience ‘real life in a digital agency’ in Brisbane.

A Mammoth New Office
By Adam Williams on Sep 09, 2014
The next evolution of our company has arrived! We’re pleased to finally present what we have been calling Version 3 of Mammoth. Read more about the Mammoth Move.

15 Social Media Best Practices
By on Aug 05, 2014
Starting from scratch or fine-tuning an existing Social Media plan? Have a look at 15 Social Media Best Practices, a list created by Mammoth to help your business succeed online.

A Mammoth-developed multi-site comparison system: SendMe3
By Adam Williams on Jun 27, 2014
Mammoth has developed a multi-site comparison system called SendMe3. A powerful back-end system allows SendMe3 to scale as required to seamlessly provide real-time data and analytics.

Mammoth develops Business Check app for ASIC
By Adam Williams on Jun 25, 2014
Business Checks: This is a tool built by Mammoth in C# using Xamarin for both Apple's iOS and Google’s Android platforms. The tool allows people to answer a set of questions related to gaining information on the current status of businesses and their directors in Australia.

Social Media Trends and Stats 2014 | Adel de Meyer
By on Jun 23, 2014
Meet Adel de Meyer, the newest addition to the Mammoth team as our Social Media/Client services. She takes a look at Social Media in Australia for 2014 and highlights some key points to remember for your business's Social Media strategy.

Binary Lane profitable in less than 4 months
By Adam Williams on Jun 19, 2014
Binary Lane continues to grow from strength to strength. Binary lane has hit its first major milestone earlier this week, becoming cash positive in operational expenses in under four months.

How Web Development is like building a Coffee House - Infographic
By Cassandra Whiteley on Jun 04, 2014
Here at Mammoth, we decided to create an easy-to-understand infographic to explain the basics of web development to our clients. This infographic outlines the basic web development steps in layman’s terms and what they mean.

Cross-browser testing is important
By on May 27, 2014
A recent small project for a customer is a great example how we deliver robust cross-browser support and why we do structured cross-browser testing on Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Telstra Thanks Thursday goes live
By Adam Williams on May 27, 2014
Telstra has released its Thanks Thursday campaign for BigPond Movies developed here at Mammoth.

Binary Lane 3 Months on in Australia
By Adam Williams on May 16, 2014
Its finally been three months since Binary Lane - our new Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS) service was released into Australia. With that in mind we thought we'd share a little about what we've learnt along the way in hosting a True Cloud solution in to the market.

Going Offshore for Software Development - Is it cheaper?
By David Harrison on May 14, 2014
Software development is a complicated process. Any custom development of any complexity is going to require a lot of effort. Is it cheaper to go offshore for software development?

Cross-Platform Mobile Development PhoneGap vs Xamarin
By Justin Shield on Apr 29, 2014
Developing a mobile application these days is an arduous task. You need to have a mobile app to get your business noticed and to gain market share with your audience, however which platform do you choose?

AusGamers from the Blog Perspective
By Stephen Farrelly on Apr 24, 2014
It almost seems fitting to talk about AusGamers through the newish blog medium. In many ways the site started as a feux blog before the word blog even existed.

Binary Lane signups suspended due to demand
By Adam Williams on Apr 22, 2014
Due to demand of our new IaaS service Binary Lane, we've been unable to build out our data-center quick enough and have had to temporarily suspend signups until we can get more hardware in place.

Top 10 Web Design Trends of 2014
By on Apr 09, 2014
At Mammoth we like to keep up-to-date with current design trends across the web. So, what web design trends are popular so far in 2014? Let’s have a look.

Hiring Developers: And why we don't hire based on specific language experience
By Adam Williams on Apr 09, 2014
Employing staff in technical roles can be an extremely difficult process. A look into how Mammoth hires developers to be a part of the Mammoth Team.

Adtech-Media and Marketing: All Things Digital
By on Apr 04, 2014
AdTech Australia conference took place in Sydney on 18-19th March. The conference ran over two days. Day one’s primary focus was on: Data, SoLoMo, Design and NextGen. Day two encompassed: Omnichannel, Core, Content and NextGen.

Mammoth presents 'Project Grunt' - Digital Grunt
By on Mar 28, 2014
Welcome to the “New Mammoth Way”. We are excited to present to you a new look and feel for Mammoth a full service digital agency in Brisbane.

Getting started with Sitecore MVC
By on Mar 21, 2014
Sitecore introduced MVC back in version 6.6.0, mid of 2012. This allowed for a more testable solution, as well as an development framework familiar to what the majority of standard ASP.NET developers now use.  This blog post covers what Sitecore MVC is, and how to get started making your own controllers, models, and views for the Sitecore CMS.

Binary Lane
By Adam Williams on Feb 26, 2014
Cloud Hosting has a new address - Binary Lane. Binary Lane offers 100% SSD cloud servers that are instantly provisioned with easy-to-understand pricing.

New Apple App Native Title
By Adam Williams on Nov 21, 2013
New iPad and iPhone app for McCullough Robertson using Open Data from Geo-Science Australia and Google Fusion Tables

Best Practice for Adding People on LinkedIn
By David Harrison on May 07, 2013
Sometimes connections on LinkedIn are not made because people don't personalise their invitation to connect - it's not crystal clear how to avoid this, so we just wanted to quickly explain a common problem when trying to connect with someone via LinkedIn.

Creative Economy Industry Breakfast
By on May 07, 2013
Mammoth Media was recently invited to attend the Creative Economy Industry Breakfast held by Lord Mayor Graham Quirk in the newly renovated Brisbane City Hall. The breakfast was held to provide a forum for the Brisbane City Council to generate ideas towards Brisbanes "Creative Strategy" and to help share a vision of how Brisbane can strengthen the city's liveability as a vibrant, creative hub.

A Science and Innovation Breakfast with the Queensland Premier
By Adam Williams on Mar 21, 2013
Mammoth Media was privileged to be amongst a small group of industry leaders invited to attend a Science and Innovation Sector breakfast with Queensland Premier Campbell Newman.

Mammoth Growth Over the Last Year
By Adam Williams on Mar 08, 2013
Mammoth experienced fantastic growth over the last 12 months - and we're shaping up to see more this year. Mammoth is growing in Australia.

Integrating Google Widevine into BigPond Movies
By Adam Williams on Feb 27, 2013
Mammoth integrates Google's Widevine DRM system into BigPond Movies, and the match is beautiful...

Mammoth Goes Gaming
By Adam Williams on Feb 27, 2013
We've been working hard over the last six months to deliver a new video gaming system for Telstra: GameNow!

Mammoth at the NICTA TechFest 2013
By Adam Williams on Feb 20, 2013
Mammoth was invited to participate in a panel on ICT skills at NICTA's TechFest 2013 at Parliament House in Canberra last week.

Pay for Music with your Mobile
By Adam Williams on Dec 12, 2012
Over the past eight weeks, the BigPond Music team here at Mammoth have been working hard to make it even easier for Telstra customers to subscribe to the MOG music streaming service and buy music on their mobile.

Startup Weekend Brisbane
By Adam Williams on Nov 26, 2012
The first Startup Weekend event in Brisbane was held in November, and Mammoth were proud to be there both as a sponsor and on the floor mentoring.

Mammoth at iLab Jumpstarters 2012
By David Harrison on Oct 12, 2012
Mammoth director David Harrison will be mentoring at the inaugural Jumpstarters 2012 event this weekend!

Mammoth Turns 10
By Adam Williams on Sep 21, 2012
Something that completely skipped everyone's attention here at Mammoth because we're all too busy developing new and exciting sites for our clients, but on the 27th of last month, Mammoth officially became 10 years old.

Even more hosting services from Mammoth
By Adam Williams on Sep 03, 2012
We are excited to announce that our sister hosting company, Mammoth VPS has now transformed into a larger and more comprehensive hosting service, Mammoth Networks.

Financial Review Calls IP Health Check App "Genius Marketing"
By Adam Williams on Jul 03, 2012
The Financial Review gives the IP Health Check app a 4 out of 5. IP Health Check app Mammoth developed for McCullogh Robertson. Simple and useful and provides real answers to questions you might be asking about intellectual property rights.

Managed Hosting now on Mammoth VPS
By Adam Williams on Jun 22, 2012
Mammoth Media roll out service management to the Mammoth VPS Hosting environment.Our hosting company, Mammoth VPS, now offer multiple levels of support for our VPS customers from phone support right though to full service management and application support.

MOG Goes Live
By Adam Williams on Jun 21, 2012
The team here at Mammoth have been working hard on getting music streaming to the masses with BigPond Music and MOG.. and now we're live!

Intellectual Property Health Check App for iPad
By Adam Williams on May 10, 2012
We've developed a mobile iPad app for Brisbane law firm McCullough Robertson to help organisations understand their intellectual property rights. It's available now for free from the App Store.

Mammoth Bring Music Streaming to the Masses
By Adam Williams on Apr 17, 2012
Australians will soon have unlimited, on-demand access to a vast catalog of music, streamed to their mobile, tablet, computer or net-connected TV after Telstra today announced an exclusive partnership with award-winning subscription music service, MOG. Mammoth Media are making it happen through the BigPond Music portal.

Mammoth on a Mission
By Adam Williams on Mar 30, 2012
In February, Mammoth Media was invited to participate in a Trade Mission to the USA and Canada, a joint venture organised by the Queensland Government and Microsoft. Needless to say, we were extremely excited to get the opportunity to join with some of Queenslands best ICT providers, technology companies and start-ups to showcase the depth and breadth of talent available in the Sunshine State.

New GameArena Android App
By Adam Williams on Feb 27, 2012
Mammoth have just finished work on the latest iteration of the GameArena Android Application. Offering news, video, and reviews the GameArena application features fully automated transcoding of videos from the online HD versions, as well as integrated publishing.

Mammoth Get Collaborative
By Adam Williams on Oct 25, 2011
In collaboration with Arup Australasia, Mammoth Media have developed a collaborative mapping tool to allow the general public to comment on and view the Woolgoolga to Ballina Pacific Highway upgrade.

Free Mammoth Event
By Adam Williams on Oct 25, 2011
Online Engagement Management is the new paradigm in web publishing. It's no longer enough to simply publish material and hope your customer gets the right message; dynamic web sites actively push appropriate, personalised and engaging content at customer segments. Global giants like Facebook, Amazon, Yahoo and YouTube all use similar technology to present the right message, to the right person across the right channel.

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