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A Mammoth-developed multi-site comparison system: SendMe3
Posted by Adam Williams on 27 Jun, 2014

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Mammoth was approached earlier this year by the team at SendMe3, a consortium looking to develop a concept in the pay-per-click advertising space. Referred to us by the incredible team at Joseph Mark (thanks guys, we love you!), this project looked like the sort of significant technical challenge that we love sinking our teeth into.

The idea was to create a comparison engine that was capable of being white-labeled, creating a solution that allowed them to create separate comparison sites within different market segments rapidly and responsively.

Naturally, we were up against some stiff competition for this fascinating project from other digital agencies in Australia, but we felt that their approaches weren't right for this project. Some were talking about the importance of the CMS, some about particular technical aspects like the need for something like AngularJS to render data quickly client-side.

Our approach, however, was completely different. To us, the key challenge was the speed of the search, not what technologies were going to be used. From our experience dealing with search problems on large data sets, we knew the index could grow very quickly, resulting in potential performance issues. It was, in our view, quite a technical challenge - but as we had the expertise already, it wasn't one that was primarily cost-driven. 

Sendme3 website imageOver several months, Mammoth built and deployed a fully bespoke software system providing all the required functionality. Capable of running multiple sites which could accept payments from lead buyers, the system allowed data-entry personnel to easily and efficiently track and update content. Most importantly, a lightning fast search system has been built using the latest ElasticSearch, offering distributed REST-ful search and analytics.

This system provides SendMe3 with the power they need for the real-time data and analytics that are necessary for their business. The solution is distributed, with the potential for massive scalability and high resilience (including detection and automatic removal of failed nodes) built in at the ground floor. The service is oriented around structured JSON; documents can quickly get additional data as required and of course is fully responsive for both web, mobile, and tablet users alike.

We really enjoyed the technical challenges of this project, and we're proud to have built a very extensible system with C# MVC that can be extended upon for years to come. Not to mention the team at SendMe3 were an absolute pleasure to work with - make sure you check out the site, online now at .

We pride ourselves in offering the best solutions for complicated projects! Get in touch with our sales team for more information.

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