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Mammoth develops Business Check app for ASIC
Posted by Adam Williams on 25 Jun, 2014
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Mammoth has recently completed a mobile project for the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), a critical regulatory component of the Federal Government.

ASIC have such a vast amount of information that they need to communicate to the Australian public - much of which is very important to companies and employees alike – that it can be difficult for people to get an understanding of where to go for what.

Business Checks is a mobile software tool built by Mammoth in C# using Xamarin for both Apple's iPhone and Google’s Android platforms. The tool allows people to answer a set of questions related to gaining information on the current status of businesses and their directors, so that issues caused by unreliable and fly-by-night businesses could be averted by educating both potential employee’s and other businesses.

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Mammoth is honoured to have been selected to build this application for ASIC, and have really enjoyed working with such an organised and committed federal agency. This is our first foray into cross-platform development using Xamarin, having traditionally chosen to develop natively in-house in both Java and Objective C for the two platforms.

Xamarin allowed us to develop the application in a much shorter time-frame, with the added bonus that it fits better into our development processes since we have so much in-house expertise in C#. We were able to leverage this to bring better unit testing to the table and to provide a range of ongoing benefits for extensibility and reduced cost of ownership - with all the core business logic is unified under a C# core, we don't need to duplicate effort in multiple languages, leaving only UI work to be done natively. This lowers development time and the risk of fragmentation and differences between code bases.

The ASIC Business Checks application is now available for Android users on Google Play, and for iPad/iPhone users on iTunes.

If you're interested in pricing for multi-platform app development, please give us a call today on 1300 720 859 or click here to email our sales team.

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