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Binary Lane 3 Months on in Australia
Posted by Adam Williams on 16 May, 2014

Its finally been three months since we released Binary Lane in Australia, so we thought we'd update on where we are with the product and how its gone. While we cant share specific numbers the growth so far has been pretty amazing, we've run out of servers in our Infrastructure once - and already have more on order to try and be ahead of the curve for when those resources are all taken up by customers. The feedback from users of the service has been pretty amazing you can read some of it here on Whirlpool, and also on Low End Box here and here.

binary lane growth

Binary Lane Growth - New servers over the last three months

We've added a boat load of features since our Australian launch that continue to be new, refreshing ideas that help users manage infrastructure in an IaaS world and have additional goodies on the way including an App for Android and Iphone, and also Paypal support.  Some of our recent new features have been BYO Operating systems - allowing you to run virtually any OS on Binary Lane, or define your own build and upload it to the service if you chose, Backup deployment which allows you to create a backup image, download, upload and use that instead of your existing image, SSH Key support, to simplify authentication to your server and more. 

We're extremely pleased with how the first three months has gone, its been our ideal initial launch of this product, and we're working very hard to get Binary Lane to where we see it being. Perhaps our biggest challenge is one that we didn't expect, and that is explaining to people who don't have a requirement of hosted server services what Binary Lane is, or why we feel a true cloud product like Binary Lane has so much advantage over other VPS solutions, both in client software tools and overall solution design. We look forward to educating these people in the future while building out our platform and bring a fantastic product like Binary Lane to everyone with a powerful, cost effective solution.

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