Mammoth Commissions new Datacentre in 2015
Posted by Adam Williams on 08 Jan, 2015

Yesterday, to kick off the year with some clear goals, Mammoth has commissioned the building of a new datacenter for our Mammoth Networks product. 2014 saw the commissioning of a datacenter in brisbane for its newly developed set of virtualization technology under the offering of Binary Lane.

Binary Lane went on to be very successful – but caused some minor capital issues attempting to support multiple virtualization systems in different technologies in multiple data centers. This resulted in a delay of our expansion plans causing Binary Lane to temporarily suspend provisioning of new servers in December.

This was further complicated by a lack of space in the existing Sydney datacenter for Mammoth Networks, causing some growing pain there also as Mammoth increased its market share in the Australian Virtual Server market.

To address all this in 2015 Mammoth have added a second datacenter in Sydney, selecting the state of the art facility of NextDC in Sydney (S1). The addition of NextDC S1 will coincide with a number of changes to our product offering which will provide significant benefits to our Mammoth Networks customers moving forward.

Mammoth Networks will, in the early part of this year, move to a ‘True Cloud Architecture’ – this change will necessitate a change of name, with Mammoth Networks becoming Mammoth Cloud in the first quarter of 2015 and provide a number of benefits to existing customers and new customers alike.

Multi-PoP – Mammoth Cloud will be available in both Sydney (S1) and Brisbane (B1) datacenters, allowing customers to run in either or both cities on the Australian Eastern seaboard.

Binary Lane in Sydney – Binary Lane will be available in Sydney as well as in Brisbane

Private interconnect – Mammoth Cloud (and Binary Lane) will have a private interconnect between Brisbane and Sydney datacenters allowing customers to securely transfer data between Sydney and Brisbane servers as required.

True Cloud Storage – Customers on Mammoth Cloud will be able to take advantage of increased reliability and unlimited expansion ability of their servers hosted with Mammoth.

Live Migration – Mammoth Cloud will have improved reliability and uptime due to our ability to migrate customers to alternate servers live – meaning no downtime during the move – and expand or provide required maintenance on underlying hardware as required.

Our industry leading MPanel software for the management of servers will largely remain unchanged, it can support multiple locations though the upload server feature there will just be more agility to clients allowing them to grow and shrink, or spool up new servers as required as part of their architecture build.

We’re really excited to be offering this to our customers, and the additional features will allow us to provide a better array of features to provide increased penetration into the Enterprise market for our virtual technologies in Australia. Look out for all this in the First quarter 2015 from Mammoth! If you have any further questions or would like to offer suggestions on what you’d like to see feel free to email me

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