An OVERSIZED Design Trend

The Size of Things - An OVERSIZED Design Trend
Posted by Damian Joyce on 30 Oct, 2014

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As a Digital Designer one of my jobs (and my favourite things to do onscreen) is to wander the interwebs seeking UI beauty, clever (and useful) blends of design and interaction) and keep a finger on the pulse of contemporary trends, styles and movements.

Size Does Matter

Something going on right now is big. Big pop out navigations (sometimes full screen), big forms, big blocky titles, paragraphs and big, bold blocks of space.

Bigger isn’t always better (leave that alone) but by no means is it necessarily worse.

There is no right or wrong here, though it’s not one of my favourite trends at this point if this is a design answer that fits your clients’ needs and drives numbers to whatever their specific KPI’s are then brilliant, job done, cause as the saying goes “happy client, happy ………..”. That’s not actually a saying.

When done right it brings a sense of obvious importance and motivation, it can be a driver of action. It can bring a pause to your users scroll and have them solely focus on one single element and hopefully impart that message created for just that effect.

Occasionally though, it all just seems a little too shouty. Like the accidental all-upper-case text you get from your digitally challenged family seniors. I don’t need to be yelled at when I have chosen to visit your site (I’ll watch 4 hours of screaming goats on YouTube if I want that).

For me subtlety in motivation is a beautiful thing. If you can drive visitors to your goal without having to scream at them then maybe our job has been better done. Save the screams for the office printer, the next Beyoncé gig or beating a goat at its own game.

Here’s a couple of quick examples (some of which are from very cool sites) for you to wander to instead of getting back to work:

Design Trends


Design Trends


Design Trends

Design Trends

Design Trends

Design Trends 

Let me know in the comments below what you think about this design trend - would love to hear your opinion!

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