Mammoth VPS is now Mammoth Networks

Even more hosting services from Mammoth
Posted by Adam Williams on 03 Sep, 2012

Mammoth VPS is now Mammoth Networks. So what does this mean?

This means a new website design that aligns our hosting services with the broader Mammoth branding and provides a more cohesive product offering for our customers. We have also taken the opportunity to make the website easier to use through a permanently displayed menu bar, support for higher resolution screens and use of the latest CSS functionality.

We now also offer two additional hosting solutions: website hosting and domain name registration. With the addition of these services, the name "Mammoth VPS" and its associated domain name didn't really make sense anymore. As such we will be broadening the name to "Mammoth Networks" and operating from a more succinct domain name - That's 3 less characters people!

We want to make it perfectly clear to all our customers that these changes do not impact your VPS service in any way. It is the same team; the same company; and the same great VPS functionality, pricing, service and support you are accustomed to. Just with additional solutions and a fresh new look!

After launch, any bookmarked URLs will automatically redirect to the correct location on the new site. mPanel and its associated features will continue to work in exactly the same way they currently do.

Take a look and let us know what you think!

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