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Aaron Hohns
PHP Team Lead

I've been working with Mammoth for over 8 years now after completing a Bachelor of Internet Computing at Griffith University (like I.T. except web-based). I started as a content producer for the BigPond Games website sourcing game content from around the web. When the need arose I also helped with coding on projects for BigPond Games in PHP. Eventually I switched into a full-time developer role, focusing primarily on PHP and MySQL. Over time as my skill set grew I started dabbling in newer technologies such as Memcached and MongoDB. I have also gained experience in C#, ASP.NET MVC, Postgres, and NHibernate while helping work on the Mammoth VPS website.

Adam Williams
Managing Director

Head chef, Chief whip, Father, Brother, Great Sun of The Nation, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and Jeff are only just some of the titles we don’t use for him.

Hailing from the soggy shores of Cardiff, Wales he stands tall astride the helm of Mammoth Media steering the company through fair and harsh weather alike.  When he‘s not busy with meetings, emails and whatever Bob is currently moaning about, he can be found riding around Brisbane on his bicycle; serenading the office with whingey UK rock and/or Steel Drums; or simply hanging out with his two boys.

Ben Stephens
Senior Developer .NET

Ben has explored many hobbies over the years though growing up he got his first computer, a C-64 at age 7 and discovered the world of programming soon after. Since then programming has remained a passion for 25 years.

Growing up as one tends to do he's pursued many other hobbies to a certain point of understanding before moving on to the next thing, rebuilt cars, built mechanical and electronic devices, home renovations, home brewing and is currently most interested in cooking and gardening.

Of course in practice he still spends most of his time on a computer.

Brendan Cosman
Support Manager - Games

The only theme we can find in Brendan’s career is that he likes to explain things. After ten years in technical sales roles he returned to university and was awarded an honours degree in law. 

He accepted a scholarship from the QUT law school and was confirmed as a PhD candidate. His thesis focused on government control of information, but he surrendered the scholarship and took leave from his PhD program to work at Mammoth full time.

Cassandra Whiteley
Technical Analyst

This is our Cass. Being our Word press expert, we keep her far too busy to write her own profile. Back from a ten year sojourn in UK, she’s slowly getting used to the giant yellow thing in the sky. When not busy at work, she can found in her TARDIS, travelling around with her young daughter. 

Damian Joyce Designer Mammoth Team Pic
Damian Joyce Designer Mammoth
Damian Joyce
UI/UX Designer

Designophile, type geek, avid creator of purdy things.

Army brat by birth, office brat by nature this Front End Web Developer come Digital Designer likes long walks on the beach and other romantic claptrap. Romantic everythings from AFL to Motorbiking, Cycling to fishing, he romances the woman in his life in front of his large screen TV to the strains of V8 racing or Moto GP. Insta-dad to two little humans means little-to-no time for his wood fondling (see wood-work), vege growing or digital artwork.

An unusual combination of football player and creative leads to different design rationales and a healthy love of a frothy ale. 

Daniel Boase
Developer PHP

This is one of our Dans, we have many Dans and this one was too busy to write his profile.  One of taglines for our company was “You don’t have to be a Dan to work here but it does help” was rejected, mostly because it didn’t make sense. Kept busy with PHP Dev work on projects such as AWM and GameArena, he relaxes with his bike and keeping up with his son.

Daniel Chenoweth

Dan has been a member of the Mammoth Media team since 2005, primarily responsible for editorial content and video production for the AusGamers website.

I can
Daniel Lock
Developer PHP

Starting out as a PHP Developer, Daniel also has experience using AngularJS, NodeJS and technologies like HTML5 Canvas, Web SQL and MongoDB. With over 10 years experience developing and designing websites, he has helped Mammoth produce some amazing products.

His spare time is occupied with playing video games, watching movies and TV series or riding his motorbike. Some of his more constructive hobbies include composing music and painting both digitally and traditionally.

Daniel Roy
Support Services and Editorial Support

Daniel was a long-term AusGamers member before his regular contributions saw the team reach out to him to become part of our core editorial staff. A passionate gamer equipped with a Diploma of Games Development and a keen eye for big news, Daniel helps out in all areas of our content production and management at AusGamers.

David Harrison

David is one of the founders of Mammoth and has been with the company since its beginnings over a decade ago.

Initially focusing primarily on content services, David has worked with a wide range of technologies and services to focus heavily on digital content distribution, helping to ensure Mammoth is at the forefront of this increasingly important service. 

With a wide range of experience in a variety of different areas, David continues to support all aspects of Mammoth's day-to-day operations. 

I spend almost all my spare time either playing football (hoping one day to get the call up to the Socceroos) or reading science-fiction (Neal Stephenson being my favourite author). 

David Pershouse
Senior Developer .NET

David is software engineer with over 15 years of experience in the development of custom software. His love of programming started at an early age typing programs into an commodore 64 and hacking extra words into his grade 5's hangman program on the TRS80. When not programming he enjoys fishing, camping and spending time with his wife and two young children.

David Young

David Young designs, writes, and glares at fragments of software. He looks forward to cultivating the growing overlap between the fields of software engineering and alchemy. He has never seen the ocean.

Inigo Smith

A true Renaissance man.

Ever since he saw his first episode of Sky at Night with Patrick Moore Inigo has been in awe of the natural world around him. He loves Astronomy, Physics as well history, music and art. His love of programming came later with the families acquisition of a ZX81 on which he developed a very crude 3d engine. This and a mile wide masochistic streak led Inigo to study both Computer Science and Physics at university.  He likes nothing better than to go camping with his long suffering girlfriend and spend the whole night looking through his telescope at heavenly bodies.

Mammoth Black Logo Picture
Jason Brooke
Director of Operations

Jason is one of the founders of Mammoth and has been with the company since its beginnings over a decade ago. Jason essentially hobbled the first AusGamers servers together out of bits of wire and chunks of silicon. As the Mammoth Media has grown, he's integrated the latest in network and server hardware, ensuring it all continues to hum over nicely.

Justin Shield

Justin maintains a personal blog about software engineering at: where he maintains essays regarding programming languages and programming techniques.

When he's not working Justin can be found building robots, watching movies, playing both video and tabletop games or out in a field somewhere flying radio controlled helicopters.

Nathan O'Sullivan
Cloud Services Director

After ten years at Mammoth, Nathan has seen development trends come and go – from "write once, run anywhere" and "service-oriented architecture", to "web-scale" and "cloud". Nathan has survived the onslaught, with the scars to prove it. When not working on Mammoth’s latest and greatest, Nathan enjoys riding his bike and watching AFL.

Neri Mammoth Headshot
Neri Mammoth Software Developer
Neri Martinez
Software Developer

Neri is a passionate and experience developer, who enjoys working in the .net world among others.

In his free time he enjoys listening to live music as well as playing the guitar. Besides that, playing soccer in the beach is his source of energy.
Paul Robson
Development Team Lead

Paul has been with Mammoth for a very long time, and has spent most of that time as the BigPond Music team leader. He was also convinced to write several iOS apps, one of which was mentioned in The Australian Financial Review. He reads, writes, plays games, has been known to infrequently exercise, takes many photos, and recently managed to afflict a mini-me on the world.

Robert Goeldner
Office Manager

Some people just want to watch the world burn, Bob just wants to toast his marshmallows.

He loves kittens and hated hipsters before it was cool. With a mild background in superannuation (ask about it and see his thousand yard stare) Bob now tends to the day to day running of the office ensuring that the devs are watered and get the correct amount of sunlight (almost none). He can also be found assisting Adam with any hijinks (wacky), running interference and carrying his sword/shield like a good little page.

Stephen Farrelly
Managing Editor

Steve has been an editor in the games industry since 1998 and has worked across all major magazines both official and unofficial, but jumped into the online space to challenge himself with more consistent deadlines and equally rewrite the way in which online media was delivered. He has been with Mammoth Media working on AusGamers since 2005 and helped reshape the editorial direction into what it is today.

Steve Soady

Steve has been a member of the Mammoth Media team since 2008, primarily responsible for providing support and managing our range of Mammoth Network VPS. He tells anyone trying to shut the blinds he requires them open as he operates on photosynthesis.

Tristan Mott
Systems Administrator

Tristan has worked in the gaming industry for more than a decade, managing servers and networks at some of Australia's biggest game development companies, including Auran and Pandemic. His experience with Linux and networks is integral to the fast performance and high uptime of the Mammoth Media networks.

Warren Carroll

Warren is a level 90 Pandaren Monk fighting tyranny in the far away world of Azeroth.

In his spare time he is also an experienced PHP and .NET developer, a skill set that comes in quite handy when funding his gaming addiction.