Services at Mammoth includes software development, SEO and web design

We know our stuff.


In all of our development efforts we utilise a methodology that we call the Mammoth Method. This methodology has been developed over years of experience in consistently delivering high quality software and online solutions.  Many digital agencies say they can write quality software. We know we can. The proof is in our complex and scalable online platforms such as BigPond Music, FizzioFit and Stadium Sport as well as our desktop solution like the BigPond Media Downloader.

We work closely with our technology Platform Partners: SiteCore, Kentico, Umbraco, Magento, Adobe CQ and where required we develop a custom solution.

We also focus on enterprise web applications such as: CMS, DAMS, DRMS, Payment Gateway, ERP, eDM and Security injection and application.


We bring together all of our services to deliver engaging, and most importantly, effective digital solutions. We deliver digital solutions that will exceed your requirements. We are about speed, reliability, integration and security. Some of our specialist areas include:

Heavy-lifting back-end work in .NET and PHP, internet video, including downloading and streaming on various platforms, including Flash and Windows Media, platform management, including network design, hardware deployment and management, operating system management and maintenance including Windows and various flavors of Linux, content distribution, moving vast amounts of digital data to end-users.

Some of our most notable online solutions include  GameArena,  AusGamers  and  BigPond Music. With our vast technical experience we are all about 100% project satisfaction.


Mobile is becoming the key online platform and it can no longer be treated like a secondary device, it is the primary companion for personal, B2B and enterprise. It is the key CONNECTOR.

Incorporating responsive, UI/UX and sticky design will ensure consumer engagement.

Ensuring your website is mobile and tablet aware is a crucial part of our development process. Mobile first is no longer an option it is the standard.

Mammoth have developed apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, and continue to expend R&D efforts into the ever growing mobile space. We believe this is a spectacular growth area where we can make a real difference by taking our experience within the digital space and applying it to portable devices.


Today Digital presence is vital for organisations to grow. Mammoth’s continuous collaboration with clients ensures constant reference to the organizations Vision, Goals, New Digital Opportunities and Initiatives and is critical in constructing a successful methodology.

Working with Mammoth will ensure appropriate process is followed: 1. The Big Idea 2. The Digital Challenge 3. Requirements Gathering 4. Functionality & Software 5. Design & Mapping 6. Integration 7. Infrastructure 8. Solution Delivery 9. Ongoing Support & Maintenance.

Working with Mammoth will ensure appropriate web site mapping, design, and online marketing technologies are used to achieve your online business goals. We will review your SEO/SEM and Social Media requirements and link them to the overall Digital Objectives. Essentially, we take the effort to understand what you want to achieve before we consider any particular technology solutions.

Like any successful methodology, our method for developing your strategy can vary depending on the size of your organization and how ambitious your online goals are.


Mammoth provides a full featured hosting service through Mammoth Networks. 21,465 of Australia’s most popular websites are hosted on this service, including AusGamers and BigPond Money, so you know it’s reliable.

Website Management Support for your Staff.

Mammoth can assist your staff in managing your website. We can provide support through our ticketing system, and we’re always happy to assist if you get stuck!

Website Technical User Support via our Integrated Support Systems

Some of our larger clients use our staff for end to end user support on website issues. Your website users can get in touch with us as a first point of contact. We can then resolve the issue or pass it onto your staff pending support required.

Software Support

If your website breaks for whatever reason, Mammoth have a team of people ready to get it up and running right away! Depending on the scale of your project, all of your websites and online solutions come with a free of charge break-fix warranty up to 3 months post completion. This provides peace of mind when rolling out your online solution.


Integration projects can range immensely in scale - whether you're trying to integrate Facebook functionality into your website or a vast digital download service together with several products from different vendors. It can be a challenge to ensure that all components are co-existing happily and talking amongst themselves properly - and it's also important to know how to gracefully deal with the inevitable unforeseen issues that arise when one of your vendor's products starts operating in a way that's not exactly covered in the manual. Our experience with projects such as BigPond Music, BigPond Games and Stadium Sport mean we already know how to work with your additional vendors to ensure a smooth integrated solution.

Web Design

Successful Web Design is more than “making the site pretty”, it takes into account;

Content quality and recency.

Visual hierarchies, ensuring the user journey path is clear, defining where users are clicking.

Engaging images creating Visual Spark.

Sticky and Dynamic Navigation and Buttons to ensure the visitor will stay post 10 seconds.

Constantly evaluating and analyzing UI/UX will ensure quality traffic and initiating post click actions. Maintaining brand consistency and Call To Action (CTA), offline and online is critical to visitor engagement and guides coherent experience across multi screens.

Technology leads to innovation.