Mammoth build streaming service MOG

Mammoth Bring Music Streaming to the Masses
Posted by Adam Williams on 17 Apr, 2012

Australians will soon have unlimited, on-demand access to a vast catalog of music, streamed to their mobile, tablet, computer or net-connected TV after Telstra today announced an exclusive partnership with award-winning subscription music service, MOG. Mammoth Media are making it happen through the BigPond Music portal.

Mammoth Media have been flat out for the last few months working on the systems within Telstra's BigPond Music to bring MOG's Music Subscription service into Australia. Mammoth are building all the subscription services required to integrate the existing portal with the new MOG service. Through tightly integrated authentication services, end user interfaces and integration with advanced billing systems, Mammoth Media are helping to stream over 14 million songs to Australian users via BigPond Music.

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