Mammoth GameArena Android App

New GameArena Android App
Posted by Adam Williams on 27 Feb, 2012

Mammoth Media update the BigPond GameArena Android App for Telstra

The GameArena Android AppMammoth have just finished work on the latest iteration of the GameArena Android Application. Offering news, video, and reviews the GameArena application features fully automated transcoding of videos from the online HD versions, as well as integrated publishing.

This allows the content team to continue managing their content as usual and Mammoth Media’s in house content management systems take care of all the format changes natively across news, reviews, images, and video.

The GameArena application has added support for Android tablets such as the Xoom and Galaxy Tab. It's also available from the Telstra Market on any Telstra Mobile phone or for those not on Telstra you can search for it in the Google Market Place.

Yet another great example of Mammoth Media streamlining our partners publishing systems so content editors can focus on producing content, not managing many different systems to achieve the same outcome across different devices!

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