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Mammoth Growth Over the Last Year
Posted by Adam Williams on 08 Mar, 2013
Mammoth has had a busy year so far, working hard through the traditionally slow post-Christmas period, and continuing our investment into developing the software development side of our business through Mammoth Media and expanding our hosting service, Mammoth Networks. We’re well placed to hit the rest of the year running and are focused hard on both delivery and capacity to meet the growing demand of our clients.

After crunching the numbers, we're happy to report that Mammoth Media has experienced a 20% growth in our software development business when compared to the same period in the previous financial year, having picked up several new clients and completing some great projects for them. Mammoth Networks also continues to grow, with a 54% increase over the same point of the last financial year, as we've rolled out shared hosting and domain name sales, as well as improving services in our VPS products by offering a managed service.

We’ve continued to expand out our staff base this year, adding three additional developers into the team over the last few months. We’ve also commissioned several new high powered servers into our Sydney data centre to meet the demand of growth and ensure we have sufficient capacity in the future. The growth is seen as a positive effect of our efforts in the last year to expand both businesses to be more responsive to both our current and future clients needs.

As we inevitably move towards the end of the year we're planning to continue adding more awesome members to our team to further assist in providing the usual high level of service our clients expect from us. As always we're working on additional services for Mammoth Networks and we're looking forward to unveiling them to our customers - so stay tuned!
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