Mammoth integrates Google's Widevine DRM system into BigPond Movies

Integrating Google Widevine into BigPond Movies
Posted by Adam Williams on 27 Feb, 2013
In the middle of last year, we were asked to look at some issues with PC playback of movies on BigPond Movies - a Telstra product that Mammoth develop and host on our Mammoth Networks service. Due to the type of digital rights management software being used (Windows Media DRM 10) there were some problems being experienced in specific combinations of PC builds for the PC to actually apply the license.

We were previously able to correct this with software we developed called the BigPond Media Downloader. This application allowed us to check on the suitability of a PC for licensing. However, there were still large limitations in terms of operating system support (such as the upcoming Windows 8) and browser support. This, combined with the difficulty of the back end architecture being unable to support Ready Play in its current form, meant we spent a few weeks doing a feasibility study on the ability to license using the the already supported Google Widevine DRM.

After the feasibility study, Mammoth Media got to work redeveloping the BigPond Movies site - with ASP.NET MVC, Microsoft SQL and NHibernate we built a new player and new licensing model that was successfully deployed in January. The site now supports all common browsers and Windows 8 with a new streamed model using Google's Widevine DRM for licensing and a standard Flash player handling video playback... job done!

You can check it out by previewing a movie on BigPond Movies.
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