New video gaming system for Telstra: GameNow!

Mammoth Goes Gaming
Posted by Adam Williams on 27 Feb, 2013
We've been working hard over the last six months to deliver a new video gaming system for Telstra.

The goal was to integrate gaming software from Exent Technologies and deploy it into the BigPond Games environment under a new brand name – GameNow - to sit beside the existing site, GameArena. Mammoth were engaged to the build all back end systems and front end delivery for the application, both for the web-based users and within the application itself, handling all the core services - accounts, billing, subscriptions (including recurring billing) and support services.

Phase one was to deploy the game application to Telstra's Australia-wide content delivery network for fast, unmetered access by Telstra and BigPond users, with all billing and subscription services to be fully functional by Christmas. Developed over a period of three months by a team of six Mammoth developers - working in conjuction with Exent in Israel and Telstra - we were able to ensure that the build was actually ready early, with no delays holding up the project.

We’re continuing to work on the GameNow product and supporting it for Australian users, as we focus on phase two - due to go into production in March. This release will see some improved features, including a new mobile version of the client for Android users, and increased product separation as the site takes up its own home at Users will also gain the ability to add mobile and PC subscriptions for GameNow directly to their Telstra Mobile bill. Stay tuned!
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