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Binary Lane signups suspended due to demand
Posted by Adam Williams on 22 Apr, 2014

Its not something you ever want to do, and something we worked hard to avoid last week, however due to the large number of new signups on our Binary Lane service we have not been able to keep up with demand. The lead time for new servers unfortunately is greater than the number of new signups coming in so rather than affecting stability of our service we've taken the decision to suspend further signups until we can get the additional hardware already ordered in place.

While lots of signups is a great issue to have, not being able to meet that demand is not, and we're going to think about how we can be creative to deal with the extended leadtimes of the types of servers we order without compromising on the fantastic service and solution the team here at Mammoth have build on Binary Lane. Attempting to sign up now will generate a simple little apology, as soon as we're back on board (which will be any day now) we'll email everyone! Check out the signup page

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