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AusGamers from the Blog Perspective
Posted by Stephen Farrelly on 24 Apr, 2014
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It almost seems fitting to talk about AusGamers through the newish blog medium. In many ways, the site started as a feux blog before the word blog even existed (hence referring to it as a “newish” idea -- we’re old). It was a place for passionate gamers to converge, arrange LANs and share files and new information -- feeding said passion. Today, we do this on a much larger scale, reaching thousands upon thousands of Australians and an equally large part of the global market.

The reason AusGamers survived the various Internet ups and downs is because it always stayed true to its roots and ideologies, and while we sit here on the cusp of some major changes with the site and brand, it’s with a sense of grounded self that we do it. We might get a face-lift and a few new additions and subtractions, but at the site’s core remains that same passion for games and gamers, by gamers.

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Currently the Content and Design teams are working through the design of a new logo and look off the back of the Mammoth’s rebranding, while building out new site designs. Navigation and discoverability will be key for us, but our home page will also pop like never before. Our goal is to bring AusGamers into a more modern design realm while keeping the same density of information and editorial -- in short, we’ll have the looks and the brains.

The final piece of the puzzle is our representation in the marketing sector, which has now changed from MCN, to a potentially fruitful endeavour with another, smaller independent media agency called You Know Media. At MCN AusGamers was a small drop in a rather large ocean, and in all honesty the word “representation” barely fits the role the company actually fulfilled for us. With You Know Media, a budding agency whose sole directive is to build a video gaming-specific platform for publishers like us, we aim to partner for actual representation in the space and grow our in-market position and awareness among advertisers and marketing reps alike. 

If everything goes according to plan, it is very exciting times ahead for AusGamers and, in turn, Mammoth.

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