Mammoth case study on SendMe3



The Idea

SendMe3 wanted to provide a comparison matching engine to connect businesses with customers in a richer and smarter way than current offerings.
Businesses and customers could express themselves through simple multiple-choice forms specific to each business sector. 

Advanced targeting would provide leads tailored to each business in real time, matching customer locations to business service ranges, and customer needs to business capacities, facilities, and expertise. Only the best 3 would be picked.

The Approach

Mammoth collaborated with SendMe3 to develop a solution designed to fit their needs and budget. 

Regular meetings and in-progress product demonstrations refined development direction until implementation was completed.

The Solution

Mammoth designed and built a customer-facing web application for search, comparison, and lead capture, along with an administrative web application for business accounting & listing management, and system monitoring & configuration.
A business sector type system was built onto the .NET type system with custom annotations, conventions, and integrations for PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, and ASP.NET MVC. Simple declarative business sector definitions are translated into listing editor forms, PostgreSQL data structures, Elasticsearch mappings & documents, search forms, comparison tables, and data listings on the web and in email.
The comparison matching engine combines 5 scoring systems to analyse customer needs and service provider specializations & reviews, using domain knowledge and tunings specific to each business sector. The result is a focused set of 3 highly optimized matches primed to do business.
The administrative web application supports businesses editing listings, defining lead policies & rate limits, and making payments via an integrated payment system. Stakeholders can access configuration, comparison engine visualization & tuning, event tracking, analytics, and full data export.










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