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McCullough Robertson Native Title Application

The Idea

Native title and cultural heritage issues can be complex and require sensitivity, patience and a forensic understanding of legislation and community expectation.  The McCullough Robertson Native Title Claim Check App is designed to allow the user to locate and identify native title applications, registered native title claims and native title determinations within Australia. 

McCullough Robertson has a full service native title and cultural heritage practice and can assist in negotiating, drafting and advising on Indigenous Land Use Agreements, Right to Negotiate Agreements and preparing advice for clients with respect to specific native title issues.

The Approach

Mammoth Media opted for an Agile based methodology for project management and delivery. This methodology provided the flexibility to change requirements between iterations without the additional cost that Big Design Up Front brings to the project. The project was created initially as a website and uploaded to a server that was accessible to McCullough Robertson after each iteration for approval and change revision. An iPad was also periodically provided so that the App could be reviewed for usability and design in its targeted environment. This proved to be valuable for McCullough Robertson as they had continual feedback from the App and could show progress to project stakeholders and provide a usable demo to their clients who were interested in using Native Title.

The Solution

Targeting iPad & iPhone Native Title was required to be an online application with the ability to store geospatial information locally.  However it was soon decided that the ability to store information offline would significantly increase the cost of development and provided only a small benefit to the End User.  Early identification and removal of this requirement opened up the ability to leverage online only solutions such as Google Fusion Tables, which are designed to provide heavily cached Geospatial mapping information for Google Maps and collaborative based Applications.

McCullough Robertson Native Title Claim Check can be found on the Apple iTunes Store under Business.