McCullough Robertson IP Health Check - Mammoth Project


McCullough Robertson Intellectual Property Health check

The Idea

Legal firm McCullough Robertson Lawyers approached Mammoth Media with a novel idea – use iPhone and iPad apps to provide information about several important areas of Australian law as a way to both replace paper brochures and as a marketing tool to bring in more business. The apps had to look good, be easy to use, provide genuine value, and show potential clients where they might run into various legal pitfalls. 

The Approach

McCullough Robertson already had a strong vision of what they wanted out of the apps but only a rough idea of how they should work. We engaged our in-house design team to come up with some concepts. We used these concepts to solidify what the user experience and information architecture should be, and give everyone a better idea of what was possible given the time and budget constraints. Once the concept was approved the first app was built and uploaded on the App Store to gauge whether there was a market for the idea, and if so do further refinements and build the rest of the suite of apps.

The Solution

Mammoth wanted to ensure that users of the apps would have a fast and fun experience, so the decision was made to build the apps entirely using Apple’s preferred development environment and programming language – XCode and Objective-C. Building “native” apps would ensure that the apps would have best possible performance and feel familiar and comfort for users.

This approach resulted in a polished set of apps that has done well on the App Store and raised awareness of McCullough Robertson Lawyers’ brand and the services they offer. Check out this Link on The Australian Financial Review for a full review on the application.

The apps have been downloaded by almost two thousand users and have garnered positive feedback.