Mammoth project - Health Industry


Health Industry

The Idea

The aim of the website was to provide an online job search and market place that brought Health industry businesses together, with potential health professional employees and commercial real estate services allowing them to network. On businesses would have a whole range of health industry related services at their command. They would be able to advertise to health professionals, find a place of business for sale or rent and network with other businesses. Health professionals would be able to apply & search jobs and courses. 

The Approach

Mammoth liaised with our client to assist them in refining their business requirements as development proceeded. We noted the need for a strong ecommerce component and a strong product that would appeal to the specialized needs of their business clients. This crafted a design that satisfied their needs from a business perspective while creating a completely responsive and easy to use site for all interested parties.

The Solution

We built a website that offers health industry professional’s powerful multi-purpose accounts. Accounts that enable clients to manage the whole cycle of position filling. From job advertising to employee selection, with real time viewing of applications. Prospective employees on the other hand can find positions via a search engine optimised for health industry professionals and post applications. Furthermore clients can advertise the sale of their businesses, rent out rooms, or simply advertise themselves in a bid to network with others.

Mammoth also built a subscription billing service to support all of this functionality from an accounting perspective giving a continuous and convenient income stream.

The site was further designed and built to be responsive making the experience of the site on mobile and tablet technologies completely seamless, and accessible regardless of device.


Umbraco CMS

Microsoft ASP.NET