Food Connect

The Idea

FoodConnect approached Mammoth to quote on re-building their website.  The client wanted to go with a mainstream e-Commerce solution rather than building another bespoke system like they currently had to future-proof the website, and enable progressive development and expansion over the next few years, and the ability to expand the functionality of the site for the customer and the admin area for their staff.

The Approach

FoodConnect provided Mammoth with an extensive list of required functionality and investigation was done to see whether the e-Commerce platform chosen would meet most of these requirements. Weekly internal development meetings. Front end and back end development teams.

The Solution

After the review was complete, Magento was selected as the e-Commerce platform on which to build the new FoodConnect website.  Magento was a suitable solution because it’s fast and allows for additional plug ins also allowing varied functionality that was required for the FoodConnect site, including embedding a WordPress blog, allowing customers to purchase internal credit, ‘City Cousin’ (Store) pickup among many more.


Magento (PHP)

Wordpress (PHP)