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Bigpond Movies

The Idea

The relaunch of the BigPond Movies service will aim to produce a highly competitive on-demand movie service that’s able to strategically support BigPond Movies push into the IPTV space.

A large proportion of the IPTV target market will visit the BigPond Movies website to trial the service. The aim of the relaunch will be to exceed their expectations in terms of usability, features and performance – in order to convert the user to the BigPond IPTV service.

The project was delivered in multiple stages with requirements listed to be implemented by December 2010, coinciding with IPTV marketing campaigns and launches scheduled for Q2 2010.

The Approach

Mammoth took a multi-phased approach towards implementing the BigPond Movies Re-Launch. The Minimal Viable Product (MVP) was determined to ensure value was delivered from the start.

Thus BigPond could launch BigPond Movies with the core requirements as early as possible and have the ability to easily extend and improve the functionality of the product though ongoing maintenance.

Development stages: Requirements Gathering - Rapid Prototyping - Wireframes & Designs - Project Estimation - Project Implementation - Quality Assurance - Test Plan - Use Cases - Volume Testing - Product Launch

The Solution

We delivered a solution that provided: progressive download of movies, movie browsing, ability to view related movie info and movie metadata, wish-listing of movies to watch at a later date, subscription to multiple mailing lists, sharing wish-lists, and a recommendation engine to view movie titles personalised to the user.

BigPond Movies has been extremely successful since the re-launch and has been steadily growing its user base through cross promotion and promotional campaigns.

The ability for the website to stream movies directly through a user’s browser to any compatible device is key to one of its largest successes.

In addition to it also being able to simply add the cost of the movies onto their Telstra Bill helps to reduce the friction users may have against providing their credit card details to a website.


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