ASIC mobile app developed by Mammoth



The Idea

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) approached Mammoth regarding a smartphone application to assist SMEs undertake important checks before entering into business transactions with other organisations, in turn minimising risk and being more prepared prior to engaging with other organisations and businesses. 

The application had to be easy to navigate through and was built for both the iOS and Android platforms. ASIC Commissioner Greg Tanzer said, ‘What you see on the surface isn’t always what you get. 

Small businesses account for 96% of businesses registered with ASIC, so a big focus for us in 2014–15 is providing the sector with information that is not only easily understood, but relevant and accessible’.

The Approach

Based on an existing idea and an application built for McCullough Robertson the ASIC application would be a questionnaire and checkbox type tool going through various scenarios facing small businesses. 

The Application also had a report functionality where the user can print out or generate a PDF report of  the questionnaire/checkbox including further information and recommended actions advised by ASIC ensuring their business is entering into a safe operating and structured environment.

The Solution

ASIC required the solution to be created for both iOS and Android. As part of this solution Mammoth decided that a cross platform development environment would be the most appropriate and cost effective solution for developing the same application across two different mobile operating systems simultaneously.

A core feature of the solution was the ability to generate PDF documents, a feature which iOS has available as a native library, but Android does not. Xamarin allowed us to use a compatible 3rd party library to generate PDF documents on the device for both operating systems while also allowed us to only write the reporting feature once and share that with all devices running the application.

The application is currently available from:

Google Play



Xamarin (iOS/Android)

C# - .Net 4.5